We understand that choosing a memorial is something that most people have never done before and there are a lot of questions that arise. These are some common questions we get asked; our aim is to make the process less overwhelming.  If you have a question for us that isn’t answered feel free to call or email us anytime. 

Cemetery memorials can come in a variety of materials, granite, bronze and marble, with granite being the most common.  If your cemetery plot allows, we recommend granite, as it is the most durable and gives you the most options with style and design.  Also, it is usually the most cost effective option.

The usual time range for a majority of memorials can very greatly, but  8-10 weeks from start to finish is usually the average.

Certain granites and custom jobs can take longer.  While sometimes certain memorials can be ready for install within 2 weeks.

When you decide on a memorial option we will provide you with the time frame for you.

Also, often times the memorial cannot be installed until the cemetery has completed the foundation for it.  This can sometimes take longer than creating the actual memorial.

We will never turn down the opportunity to help someone who comes to us  due to the cemetery being too far away.

The majority of our work is done in the Syracuse New York area; however we have installed memorials all over the entire state and beyond.  We have done memorials for cemeteries in Kentucky, Massachusetts and New York City to name a few.

Absolutely, we can meet in any location that you would like.  It is common for us to do home consultations.  Simply contact us and we will work to find a time and place that works for you.

We accept cash, check and all the major credit cards as a form of payment.  

For most memorials we take an initial deposit of 50% at the time the contract is signed.  Once the memorial is complete and ready to go into the cemetery the remaining half can be paid. 

We are also flexible in that if you’d like to split the payments up into smaller amounts you can do that.  Once half has been received we complete the memorial in entirety and once the balance is paid then we install it in the cemetery. We guarantee our prices for one year.

No, when choose for us to have us help you with a memorial it is all inclusive.  Even if the cemetery is farther away than our usual scope of business we will not charge any extra.   

Absolutely, we can go over ideas and concepts on the phone, via email or in the actual mail.  The entire memorial purchasing process can easily be done remotely. 

Browsing our website or filling out our online inquiry form is a great place to start, or you can call or email us.

There are no rules on the grief process, it is an entirely personal decision.  We would never pressure anyone into making a hasty decision; granite memorials are going to last forever and there is no sense in rushing into it if you do not feel ready.  The last thing we would want to is for you to regret a decision you made with the memorial.

We frequently do memorials for loved ones who have been gone for several years; and also many  within the year.  Whatever the family decides for themselves is the right decision.

Yes! All of the memorials we create are completely custom made to your wishes.  If you would like to exactly match an existing stone or just match certain elements and make it unique we can help you make that a reality.  

This is a question all monument companies are frequently are asked, the answer is no for a variety of reasons.  Often times when a monument is purchased ahead of time or when the other names on the headstone are still living, it could be an indefinite period of time until the final date is required.  In that undefined time period many things could happen, the business could shut down or change owners, for this reason it is not legal by law to have this included in the original cost.  Only the engraving contracted for with the original purchase is included.  

When making funeral arrangements, it is possible to set funds aside for the final date , as the money sits in a trust.  We recommend talking to your funeral home about including the cost for the final date in your arrangements.